21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 5th month is going to end what to do for normal delivery exercises and diet

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Answer: Take healthy diet.....take coconut water everyday....i m taking ghee in milk from my 1st day for having normal delivery....but you ask your doctor before using any new thing in your diet.....walk regularly...do household works...everything....avoid lifting heavy objects....and at last god will help us...trust him!
Answer: Consult your doctor before starting any exercise s
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Question: My baby is not going to potty for 4 days what to do she is 2month and 10days old
Answer: Hi dear its completely normal for not passing stools for 1 week in breast fed babies. continue breastfeeding massaging your baby's tummy with coconut oil also helps if symptoms persist consult your doctor and get stool softener
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Question: Today i saw a Very light bleeding. It's my 5th month going to end. Is it normal?
Answer: It is normal in 5th month pregnancy. I also feel slightly bleeding in my 5th month of pregnancy. If u feel too much bleeding talk to doctor once. Doctor will give u injection. Otherwise it is fine. Don't worry
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Question: What diet i hv to take now for normal delivery
Answer: Normal food khao but healthy.. Not too much oily.. No gassy food... Healthy in terms dairy product like paneer curd... All green vegetable... Pulses... No junk food plz.. If u want make at ur home... Dont drink coldrinks. Tea. Coffee.. Very harmful for baby Take plenty of water in terms of fresh juice. Nariyal pani.. Nd normal water..
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