1 months old baby

My 40 days old baby sleeps on her stomach as well as on side..she sleeps well on these positions.. rather than back.. does it causes any side effects to the baby

Hello mom, any position is good for ur baby, the best sleeping position for ur baby is sleep on back. But u should frequently change the position of baby as baby can get reshape of head while sleeping in a single position.
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Question: My 3 months old baby prefers to sleep on side. If I make her to sleep on her back she gets up or turns to one side. Is it fine if she sleeps on side?
Answer: Hello, If baby is changing side on its own then there is nothing to worry but still make her sleep on back only because that's the best position to sleep for baby.
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Question: Hello my 7 month 15 days baby sleeps on her belly whole night. Evenif i make her on her back she turns on her belly. in any way does it affects her?
Answer: If your baby is able to flip himself onto his stomach while sleeping, it's okay to leave him that way. Once your baby is strong enough to roll from back to front and front to back by himself, you don't need to worry about him rolling onto his stomach during sleep.
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Question: My baby is of 28 days and she always sleep on her side is it okay if she sleeps on her side
Answer: Ya it s not al a problem.if she s sleeping n one side which mean she slept like that in your womb
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