4 months old baby

Question: My 4 month old baby passes urine 5 to 6 times immediately after feeding..also making some sound while passing..is this any issue

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Answer: This may be due to heat.. in summer u may need to worry only if ur son passes urine and cries or when he dont pass urine at all.. same happened with my son yesterday.. i gave him a good oil massage and head bath and he is ok today.. frequent urination happens at times when babys don't sweat.. so obviously unwanted water is excreted as urine.. keep feeding.. dont use diapers at day time.. apply coconut oil on full body and gv head bath to ur baby twice or thrice a day.. u may drink tender coconut water, buttermilk, palmyra and feed ur baby.. if ur baby cries when he passes urine u may consult ur pediatrician otherwise normal..
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Question: My baby is passing urine immediately after feeding again I'm feeding Tell some solution feeding also very long time full day I'm sitting
Answer: Feed your baby after 2 hour gap.... No need to worry if baby urine after each feed as excess water is coming out of body.... You will not have to sit for whole day if you will fix the time for your baby feed... This will also help your baby to set his routine... Moreover sit comfortably while feeding ....Take smoke support and use pillows to support you.... Sleep with your baby so that you will also get rest... Enjoy motherhood....
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Question: Hello my baby girl is 2 months 8 days old while feeding she is making urine immediately
Answer: No problem, good pee count is a sign that ur baby is having enough BM
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Question: My baby is 44 day s old she is making some sound while sleeping is this due to cold
Answer: Hi dear, Usually newborns do make such grunting sounds. It could be due to some uneasyness caused by gas issue. It is perfectly normal,though I understand it is quite disturbing.but this should be ok post 2 months. You make sure that post feed you burp your baby.never skip burping.burping would take 5 minutes to 45 minutes.
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