4 months old baby

Question: My 4 month old baby is shouting more and some time he is refusing to feed what can I do?

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Answer: Check whether baby is having colic, if he is suffering from gas or constipation , why is he getting irritated need to understand. And more if any changes in your diet may change the taste of milk and usually babies refuse to drink milk due to taste of milk. Pamper him and comfort him give him skin to skin touch it will help
Answer: My baby also doing like that ly..it may be due to his tiredness n going to sleep..make him sleep n feed.. don't stop feeding when breastfeeding...
Answer: I think baby ko gas problem ho.
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Question: My baby was 4 month old he was not feed at he was awake ,but he was feed during sleep time so what can i do ?
Answer: Hi dear, as baby is small so every regular interval you must be feeding the baby and sometime it clash with baby's sleep time and its not recommended to feed nany while he/she is sleeping. here are the tips to keep baby awake during a feed: burp and switch breasts often change diaper half way through a feeding rub, massage or tickle feet, toes, hands and/or underarms stroke face talk or sing to baby stroke baby's spine or walk your fingers up baby's spine washcloth on face/neck blow gently into baby's face talk to baby remove his clothes, do skin to skin, or at least unsaddle sit baby upright since this is a hard position to fall asleep in place baby on a flat surface next to you without blankets etc. After baby lies there for 30 seconds or so he'll probably start to fuss and kick and be ready to eat again. This is one of my favorite techniques. It works really well, and it doesn't require much energy from a tired mom. bicycle baby's legs and arms feed baby in a light and noisy environment Crown Reflex- Dance your fingers on the crown of baby's head (firmly but not hard). This helps to lengthen feeds by keeping baby sucking and swallowing. Palmar Reflex- massage baby's palms in a circle with your thumbs. Do this for up to a minute if needed to help baby open his mouth and get ready to nurse.
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Question: hi my 4 month old baby is refusing to take breasr milk. pls suggest some idea
Answer: I think your baby start teething How to relieve ur child when he or she start teething Give ur baby clean, wet, cool wash cloth to chew on. Cold objects easy the pain and reduce the urge to chew. If ur baby dont like to chew the cloth give him or her teether. Give ur baby only mashed food. U can gently massage ur baby's gums with clean finger or cold teething ring. Give ur baby pain reliever prescribed by doctor. Give ur baby extra love and play with him or her. Don't----- Do not give any medicine without asking ur doctor. Do not use clove oil on gums. Do not give hard food. Do not irritate him or her.
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Question: My baby is refusing breastfeed why? And can i start solid foods to him,, he was 4 months old?
Answer: You should not start solids as the baby's digestive system is not ready before that. Check if she has a nose blockage. Puts some nasal drops and then try to feed, it sometimes works. Or try a different positions for feeding. If the problem still persists, consult your doctor
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