4 months old baby

Question: My 4 month old baby back arching while feeding and sometimes in sleeping???is it normal

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Question: My baby is one month old..... there is blood discharge in her vagina...Is it normal?
Answer: Hi...yes it's normal for a baby girl to have vaginal bleeding.it happens during pregnancy when there is a sudden increase in the estrogen levels , it can stimulate the female fetus's uterus . So since she is outside the womb, she has withdrawal from the hormone she was exposed to inside . So its fine if she is having a mini period....it's a normal thing. And it will go away on it own.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old and he is passing poop once in 4-5 days. Is it normal?
Answer: Can be normal. Feed him well either breastfeeding or formula feeding. If formula fed, make sure you make formula milk according to the instructions and dont add too much of powder as it may constipate the baby. If breastfeeding, take bottle guard sabzi, fennel or methi tea. Should be alright in a few days.
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Question: My baby has habit of sleeping only while brest feeding, even in night he wake up 4,5 times and go back to sleep only after feeding ...how can i make him sleep by his own.
Answer: Give some thing heavy like Daliya khicdi ceralac that makes tummy full which helps him to sleep well
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