4 months old baby

Question: My 4 month baby some time touch her left back head ,what is it reason,any problem or pain her head.

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Question: My baby moves her head left and right at the time of sleeping. What is the reason behind it?
Answer: Hello! This is normal and seen in many babies. Nothing to worry. It shows there particular situation but gets better as they grow. Take care
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Question: Mam there are some slight pain just below in my left side rib some time it less or some time non bearable .what is the reason any problem is there
Answer: Dear I.also have same abdominal pain my gyno said when baby grow uterus also grow its puts pressure on muscles thats why mild pain s normal she suggest me2 take rest , avoid carry heavy things, nd take plenty of liquids nd do warm compress on ribs too I try it nd gets some relief u can try it also u ll get relief . If u have unbearable abdominal pain then consult 2 ur gyno othetwise its normal. Take care.🤗
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Question: My baby always touch her head. Is there is any problem like headache. What should do. M worried
Answer: Hello no dear , baby is absolutely healthy and normal. Actully baby do touch their head or pull their hairs. Its just that it is in their reach so don't worry at all.
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