4 months old baby

Question: My 4 month baby daily 4 times going poop. Is it normal

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Answer: Hi yes it is normal need not to worry and decrease little spicy in food you eat
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Question: Hello, How many times baby should poop daily? My baby goes5-6 times everyday.is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear 5 to 6 times is normal.. sone babies go 8 times too. There is body is learning to eat solids..it takes tine to adjust.. do not worry
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Question: hi my 4 month old baby does poop 4 times a day daily and his poop is watery is this normal. when poop become solid.
Answer: Hello! An exclusive breast fed baby will have watery poop and if he poops once in 10 days also then it is normal and nothing to worry about. Once your baby starts semi solids the poop will become solids.
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Question: My baby boy is 7 months old. He is going poop 5 times, normal poop only. Is it okay
Answer: Yes it may be due to teething if it is more than 5 times once consult paediatrician.Tc.
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