3 years old baby

Question: My 3yewr lo got urine infection and not eating anything..we have her annual dy approaching in two days ..how to recover her fast

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Answer: Hello.. Dear feed her lot of water, tender coconut, buttermilk, muskmelon juice and also wash her private part with mild soap and water 3-4 times will also be helpful
Answer: Give her sufficient warm water
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Question: My gal baby is 52 days old last month we got to know that she has got urine infection after the UTI And Urine culture test thought we keep her clean as she pass urine but we dont no how she got infection these days she cries a lot after taking treatment also...may i know what are the resons for urine infection
Answer: Hi,you should keep changing the diaper quiet iften. You should wipe her from front to back position to avoid infection .. You should keep her clean and dry as much as possible to avoid infection . Feed the baby regularly so that she passes proper urine. This all will help you Take care.
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Question: Mam,am not eating anything since two days only drinking water, anything will happen to my baby in my womb
Answer: Hi dear, Is nausea the reason for your not eating? Your baby would get it's nutrition from the body reserves .so not an issue,but you would fall sick due to not eating.kindly get anti nausea medicines after consulting doctor to handle the vomiting and have something to eat.else you would fall sick.
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Question: What causes urine infection how to recover what r the food to eat and not to eat
Answer: Hi Here are several natural steps you can take to prevent a UTI.this could be ur Uti(urine transmission infection. ) Kindly contact doctor for medicine and i will also share dome home remedies for ur recovery.  drink lots of water. Also drink cranberry juice. It is best to cure uti.mix 10 drops of tea tree oil in ur bathing water and clean ur infected area .make blueberry juice and take it twice a dayuse v wash for maintaining ph level of ur private part.drinkamla juice 3 times a day. take2 spoon of apple cidar vinegar in a glass of water twice a day. voiding drinks that may irritate the bladder: Coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks containing citrus juice or caffeine may irritate your bladder and perpetuate excessive urinating. Wiping from front to back: 
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