3 months old baby

Question: My 3 month old baby always used sleep at side lying position is it ok to sleep in that position

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Question: My three month baby just turning and he used to side lying position to sleep whole night is it ok to sleep at side position
Answer: No dear best position for your baby to sleep is to sleep on his back it's not a good to sleep on his sides for a baby
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Question: My baby is 56 days old .he always prefer to sleep in side lying position .is it dangerous to him ??
Answer: Hi dear. Sleeping in side lying position is not dangerous but at the same time sleeping in this position for a longer time can interrupt the head Shape formation. Whenever he sleeps this way, just change his side to straight or the other side so that the head forms in a round shape. Make sure you don't wake your baby by changing his position ... I hope this helps
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Question: wht is the safest and right position of baby sleep...my baby always sleep in left side is that ok
Answer: Hiii, sleeping on left side is always advisable and it is good for babies digestion but make sure you should change your baby side sometime to maintain proper shape of head. Sleeping on back is preferable for small babies. Hope it help.
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