19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 20th week is going on..and I am having loose motion today.. please suggest something

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Answer: Hi dear. Avoid gassy foods and foods that are hard to digest. Also avoid high fibre foods. Follow BRAT diet(Banana, Rice, Apple sauce, Toast). Drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Also eat watermelon, chicken soup and Vegetable soup and tomato soup. They are light in stomach.
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Question: My 19th week is going on and I am having severe cold and cough from last 2 days. Which medicine would you recommend? Please suggest something. Thanks
Answer: If u want any syrup for cough then u can take honeytoss. Its good product. And if u want home remedy then u can take fennel boiled water 3,4 times in day, u should also avoid cold water and eatables and try to drink little warn water for some days. U will feel better.for cold, u can take steam.
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Question: my 11 week is going on....& i am suffering from loose motion ....is there any remedy?
Answer: Hi, Before taking any medicine, you should try this... Pregnancy me loose motion hone se aap aur aapke baby dono ko problem ho sakti h. Isse aapke body me liquid ki kmi ho sakti h. Meal me aap roti khana avoid kijiye.iske jagah mung dal ki khichari dahi ke sath lijiye aapke liye beneficial hoga. Fruits me aap banana and apple lijiye.. Tea time me milk ko avoid kijiye. Iski jagah black tea with lemon and sugar aap le sakte h. Apne diet me liquid food ko jyada se jyada add kijiye water, lemon water, juice, watermelon juice etc.  jyada se jyada rest kijiye. Tension mat lijiye. Aap aur aapke baby dono healthy rhenge.
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Question: I am having loose motion from tomorrow please suggest me something
Answer: Hi. Because of loosw motion you can get de hyderated so have plenty of water avoid tea and coffee. Have 2 banana it will help you to control loose motion, also dontbhave heavy meal go for moong dal khichdi. Also have lemon water. Hope these would help.
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