2 years old baby

Question: My 2 yr old toddler is so haughty and aggressive. I am worried

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Answer: Hi,in today s generation mist if the kids are naughty and aggressive. To deal with them you need to be more patient Be firm but kind Don't shout at them Don't threaten them Don't put conditions on them. Deal calmly Sit with them Give them quality time Make them feel imp Sit with them and listen to them This will make a lit if difference Take care
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    aswathi hariprasad854 days ago

    Hmmmm as a fst time mother... i need to learn how to deal with fussy babies..thank you maam!

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Question: My baby is just 10 month old and m worried she is a little aggressive as I myself gets angry soon so m worried
Answer: Hi, try not show your anger in front of her, she might learn the same. Be kind and have patience even if ahe behaves tell her softly explain her it's bad in a nice way , don't shout or show anger. Praise her fir any small things, encourage her. Some kids are like this so we have to control our emotions and have patience and teach them I know it's difficult but that's the only way☺
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Question: My girl is so aggressive
Answer: Hello dear It is mainly due to discomfort, pain or frustration U should try following things to calm ur baby: 1. Respond quickly 2. Never show ur anger back to baby 3. Let your child see you managing your own frustrations in a cool and composed way. 4. Try to respond to aggressive behaviour in a predictable way. 5. Once your child has calmed down, it’s time to discuss the situation with her gently and kindly 6. If your child makes a mess or spoils someone's game, let her know that it's up to her to put it right 7. The best way to make sure of this is to sit with her, and chat about what you're seeing.
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Question: story books for toddler...and how to develop my 1 yr old baby skills... suggestions for his brain development
Answer: 1 year old baby mostly gets attracted to colourful things and music. You can sing poems for him/her. Keep colourful items(hygienec soft toys) near him/her. Cheer baby for his every good activity. you can read him/her stories if you find he/she carefully listening to you.
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