2 years old baby

Question: My 2 yr old stopped eating food. He dont chew. Keeps bites on side of his mouth. He takes semi solids but stopped chewing roti

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Answer: Hello! Probably he does not have any appetite. Try these to help him to eat. 1. Include in family meals, 2. Encourage self feeding. 3. Bring attractive plates and bowls and server in that. 4. Do not force feed. Also babies loose appetite if they are down with cold and cough or any other sickness. Then please wait for the appetite to return and don't force the baby. Take care
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    CA Puri35 days ago

    Thank u 😊

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Question: my baby is 2 yr old..bt he don't eat solid food..he only eats semisolid puree type of thing..whenever I try to feed him rice or roti he don't even chew..
Answer: hello dear babies will generally switch to liquid to thick solids and then to solid food dear.. from purees to complete solids many babies need time to switch dear.. my baby is 3 years old still sometimes she doesnt want me give her solid food.. but i never loose feeding her solid food. just keep on trying with different types and varieties of food..explain him to chew, show some videos regarding that
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Question: My 1 week old baby is chewing while he is asleep. But apparently there is nothing in his mouth to chew. So why is he doing this?
Answer: Its normal.. infants always do that
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