2 months old baby

Question: My 2 months old baby has small amount of puss in his navel everyday. Is it normal?

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Answer: Hi dear, During the healing ,the naval stump does look pinky and few blood clots are also normal.but if you see a pus formation,do inform your doctor.keep the area dry all the time.post bath,dab a cotton soft cloth to dry it.doctor might give an antiseptic powder to apply there ,it should be fine in few days.
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Question: my 2 month old baby has puss at DTaP injection site, is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Pus from dtap vaccination is not possible.ideally the BCG vaccination needs to have pus which is mandatory.but not any other vaccination.the injection site could get little inflammed or swollen little,but should not have pus.please check with doctor soon.
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Question: My baby boy is 3 months old. He is passing very small amount of stool in normal consistency while passing gas. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes..its normal...my pediatrician prescribed bonnison drops for gas problem. Its effective. But still consult before using
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Question: My baby boy is 3 months old his navel was fill with pus is it normal???
Answer: Seek a pedestrian after cleaning it with cotton material
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