2 months old baby

Question: My 2 months old baby boy is not sleeping qt day tine even for 2 hours, but he is sleeping 6 hours continuously in night is it normal

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Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you See it completely depends on the baby as far as ur baby is having feed and urinating 8 to 9 times its perfectly fine. Tkcr Hope my answer was helpful
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    Asha Rani614 days ago

    Ya mam he is feeding regularly and also very active with is cute facial expressions, he passes urine nearly 15 times and poops 2 tines

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Question: 2 months old baby sleeping continuously for 6 hours ..Is it normal??
Answer: Hi,Dear yes its normal wake baby up for feeding every 2 hours.newborns sleeps a lot. Little pinch on feet to wake him and feed.take care
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Question: My baby is not sleeping for 11 hours continuously... 2 month old baby.. is it normal
Answer: Don't worry dear...babies sleeping cycle is shorter than adults...u don't have to worry...i would suggest u to give ur baby a good oil massage two times a day..once in the morning time and once in the evening time...it will really helps...
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Question: My baby is not sleeping in the night for about 4-6 hours continuosly.. he is been sleeping 11 hours for a whole day. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello! It is absolutely normal dear. Babies at this age are not able to differentiate between day and night. Hence it is important that you take rest with the baby during day when he sleeps. Take care
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