2 months old baby

Question: My 2 month baby usually sleep in night for long tym and in day she wake up in half in hour every time what to do ?

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Answer: Dear for sleep u can try massaging the baby just before the sleep which has an amazing affect on the baby and massage followed by slight exercise makes the baby tired and they get a sound sleep. Massaging twice a day suggested for hyper active babies. Hope this wortks.
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Question: My daughter is 8 month 23 days old.. everyday in night she wake up every 1 and half hour for feeding ..what is the reason behind it.please suggest
Answer: Hi dear at this age baby should have heavy dinner which will assure ur baby sound sleep at night otherwise baby will keeps on waking up for feed. Do provide a proper heavy dinner to ur baby. So that baby will not wake up.
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep at night.. During day time too.. Every half an hour she wakes up.. I donno what to do
Answer: Don't allow the babies to sleep more in day time....encourage the baby to play ....and provide healthy meal in ngt....next one, should give warm bath before going to bed
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Question: My baby is not sleeping in day time..and in night he wake up every 2 hour...bt in day time he is sleeping only for 2-3 hours?? What should i do to make him sleep...
Answer: Feed your child well. Your baby is hungry that is why it is not able to sleep . feed your child well a full tummy will make ypur baby automatically sleep .
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