2 months old baby

Question: My 1 1/2 month baby has watery poop she has a formala milk per day she poop 7 times is there any prblem

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Answer: Dear If baby is completely on formula milk and having loose motions 7 times then it's better to change the formula Milk or make sure to give the right consistency of it..you can also consult with doctor and get baby checked once.
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Question: My baby; has done poop pee many times in a day is there any problem?
Answer: Dear Please mention frequency? How many times a day Liquidy creamy or watery Smelly or normal Seedy potty or you cN see food bits.
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Question: Hiii my baby is 2 month old...she has cough and watery motion 3 to 4 times in a day ..she is completely on breast milk
Answer: Hie Pooping 3-4 times a day is normal for a 2 month old Cough caused by a virus needs to run its course in babies and may take 1-2 weeks as they are low on immunity As you can't give baby strong medicine Go by home remedies that would help fasten the results Massage with warm mustard oil and cover you baby completely Ajwain potli Heat 2 spoon of ajwain on a cotton cloth heat it on a tava Check for temperature on the inner side of the wrist dab on warm potli in babys chest area For 3-5 min Cover baby and hold him upright and gently Pat on his back for 2 -3 min Offer extra breast feeds as your milk carries antibiotics to help fight the illness and he will need plenty of liquid to fight off the infection as well Breathing in steam May be use a facial steamer easily available in medical stores cover yourself with your baby under a thin blanket and on the steamer The steam might help loosen the mucus and thus relieve cough
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Question: hi..my baby is doing poop ( green and watery ) 7 to 8 times in a day.. any home remedy pl
Answer: Hello... Green colour poop indicate an imbalance of fore milk or hind milk, offering green colour frothy stool,it can be due to sensitivity to something in mother's diet, it an also be due to your baby is drinking more milk in one time,this can hit his tummy too fast,and creates air bubbles and make green poop,since your baby is in breastfeeding, mother's diet play an vital role in digestion process, so it should fullfill baby's need Mother's should take food in regular intervals, you can 5-6 small meals, will helps to reduce gas. Please don't Starve yourself,it will increase the problem Take fiber rich diet, comprises of wholegraibs,cereals, millets Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can also take veg with high water content like pumpkin, cucumber, raddish,plantain stem,celery,it can taken in the form of soups,salads,sabji Avoid caffeine,cold drinks,packed foods,deep fried items Keep yourself hydrated,drink 10 - 12 glasses of water, you can also have fruit juice too Drink butter milk will reduce dehydration and releives for constipation Intake of figs and prunes will help your baby releive in constipation Boil water with ajwan seed ,and then drink,it helps a lot for indigestion. If you started giving water to your baby, feed him with little warm water. Thank you
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