20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: thisis my 1st pregnancy and m not feeling any kind of my babys movement ..... or else m not able to identify that movement....m confused.....is this normal

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Answer: Ideally pregnant ladies start feeling around 19-24 weeks. But if it's your first pregnancy than you might feel bit later. According to the baby growth initially the movements are not that intense and you feel occasionally. Those gentle fluttering feelings in your tummy (quickening) are your baby's movements. But if you had a baby before than you might feel as early around 13-16 weeks. But if you didn't feel till 24 weeks do check with your doctor. She will check baby heartbeat.
Answer: Hi! Don’t worry yet, baby movements can be felt anytime between 16th to 25th week. You feel like butterflies in your stomach, it is a very light feeling like fluttering. It is similar to the sort of tingling feeling you have when you feel hungry or are nervous in your belly in the initial weeks. You will realise it, don’t worry!
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Question: heii i m in 16th week of pregnancy but not feeling any movement of baby....i m worried abt this...plzz tell it is normal or not???
Answer: You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks. baby's movements as butterflies, nervous twitches, or a tumbling motion. At first, it may be hard to tell whether your baby has moved. Second- and third-time moms are more adept at distinguishing those first baby movements from gas, hunger pangs, and other internal motions. By your second and third trimesters, the movements should be more distinct, and you'll be able to feel your baby's kicks, jabs, and elbows.
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Question: I m 21 weeks pregnant and i was feeling the babys movement for past 1 week today i was not able to feel any movement is this normal?!
Answer: Drink warm water or milk u can feel.. or rub ur hands once u feel warm keep that hand on ur belly u may feel in early stage of movement its normal
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Question: Hai..I am 23 weeks pregnant.. some days my babys movement is frequent, some days I am not able identify the movement( mild movement only).is this ok? How can I identify my babys movement easily? Please help..
Answer: Yes,it is normal. Put your hands in your belly and slowly move your hand in clockwise direction. You can feel ur baby movement
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