1 months old baby

Question: My 1mnth baby got lot of pimples on her face what r the causes and how to cure it

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Answer: Hi!The rashes that you see on the white heads are kind of pimples that you see are actually not pimples it is a basically the hold over babies carrying outside afterwards it is very common and normal with all the babies please don't worry within a couple of weeks time it should subside on its own and also there is no need to apply any lotion cream or soap on the rashes and there is no need to scrub or squeeze them.. Hope this helps!
Answer: No problem its comman for baby first mounth .after mounth its normal to baby cheeks
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Question: I am 22 weeks pregnant..now I am having lot of pimples on my face..how to cure my pimples?
Answer: There are several reasons for acne in pregnancy first and the most common is hormonal imbalance during pregnancy our body undergoes lot of changes as a result this form of problems occur another one is unhealthy diet which also affects your skin and hair other than this is stress during pregnancy which also induce pimples. So try to relax your mind and indulge yourself in meditation or prenatal yoga. Use mild soap and cleanser to wash your face don't squeeze pimple as it can leave scar on your face. Take care
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Question: How to cure blemishes on face during pregnancy and what are the causes of blemishes??
Answer: Hi! This happens because of melanin pigment formation. The lightening usually happens about 3-4 months post partum, and its a very common condition and all pregnant women go through this. Giving few tips you can follow them to get back your original complexion soon; *oil massage and besan to wash insted of soap. *Olive oil or almond oil massage. * Potato peel rub *Try using vitamin c serum everyday and gentle exfoliation twice a week. And always wear good sunscreen while going out Hope this helps!
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Question: My pimples only on her face. How to cure it and what are the causes?
Answer: Hi Its common in summer....just give bath to baby with warm water instead hot water..add.some.neem leaves in that water....also apply gingelly oil on rashes as its natural anti fungal and helps to cure any skin problems...do note temparature if fever is there do take baby to doctor
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