17 months old baby

Question: My 17 months old daughter is not eating anything from past few days however is taking liquids like juice , water, milk and also having watery motions. Is it normal ? How can i make her have solid diet as well . Tried everything from khichdi , halwa , dalia , oats but failed.

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Question: My daughter is 17 months old from few days she is not eating anything only drinking milk plz guide me what to do
Answer: Your baby seems lethargic since last few days. It may be due to infection anywhere in the body or due to dehydration if the child is having loose stools or vomiting. Kindly consult a pediatrician as early as possible.
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Question: My baby is 11 month old but his weight is less thn 8kg..he refuses to eat anything..khichdi egg chicken etc..i tried many tricks to make him eat but got failed in it.plz suggest what shld i do how i make my baby to start eating solid food ?
Answer: Make sure to entertain baby in one way or other and feed.You can make baby water plants, you can make baby play with toys,you can tell different types of stories. Cumin powder with honey gives best results by increasing hunger. Dry roast cumin make powder just add honey and give.You can give four to five times as its natural. Mustard dry roasted powder also gives best results to improve digestion and hunger. If you find no difference please consult doctor. Take care
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant. From yesterday I m feeling burning in stomach and stool as well. Motions are not watery but semi solid and burning... Is everything normal.
Answer: Hello! Please check if you can feel and external lump near the rectum or not. It can be due to piles also which is common during pregnancy. Simultaneously drink plenty of water and have butter milk, coconut water and all. These also helps a lot. Try this hopefully it will work. Take care
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