10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii..my 10th week started from 1st dec. And from 2-3 days i dont have any symptoms , nor cramping.. is it normal. Suddenly i have started feeling as if i am not pregnant. My 8th week scan was good.

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Answer: Dont worry.....everything will be good....me also not experience any symptoms at that time...scan was good means ur baby is helthy ....go forward with lot of joy
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Question: Im 15 weeks pregnant. I want to know when does tummy comes out, as i dont feel any symptoms of pregnancy nor i dont have any stretching or cramping sensation as i used to have before. Please answer my questions ?
Answer: Hi dear your baby bump start showing between 4 and half half months to 6 months of your pregnancy since you are only 15 weeks pregnant now for you there is an ample of time for your baby bump to show up please don't worry it is very normal and if you are not feeling any kind of movement that you are referring here it is perfectly alright because around 19 to 25 weeks of your pregnancy you start feeling the movement of your baby and the stretching or pain that you are referring to it anyways goes away with time so it is perfectly alright .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant with twins.everything is normal as per my first scan .Both sacs have normal heart beat ....But I dont feel hungry and nor do I have any other symptoms except mild cramping. Is it normal ?
Answer: Dear its completely normal not to have symptoms. It all depends upon your body type some gets symptoms early and some late . I didn't have any symptoms till the 3rd month of my pregnancy and I enjoyed a healthy pregnancy. So if babies are healthy then don't worry in coming weeks you will get al the symptoms..
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Question: Hii..i was feeling light cramping...can have any risk??
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy  dis is normal during pregnancy .to relive this u should change ur body posture. Take bath with warm water ,take more of liquid in ur regular days ,stay active and do some exercise after taking advise from doctor. This will relieve your cramping.
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