9 months old baby

Question: My 10month baby is having loose motion, so shall I give makhana kheer.

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Answer: Hi dear as your baby is suffering from loose motion you can give your baby mashed banana Makhana Kheer sabudana kheer etc. This foods help to control loose motion in small babies but remember don't prepare the Kheer in cow milk and don't add any refined sugar. Only you can use is formula milk till one year of age. To keep well hydrated give your baby plenty amount of liquid. Take care of you baby, hope it helps.
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Question: How to prepare makana kheer... My 10month baby is having loose motion
Answer: Hi! If your baby is having loose motion I don't think you should offer kheer to your baby because kheer is milk and its lactose aggravate the loose motion to an extent giving light food is important to your baby at this moment future reference here is the recipe of Makhana kheer.. you just need to dry roast the Makhana and boil it in the milk directly else you can grind the Makhana after roasting and you can boil that powder in the milk to make kheer please do not add any sugar jaggery or Palm sugar to the curve because it is not good for your baby till the time your baby turns one year old cardamom powder for flavour . Hope this helps!
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Question: Which food we can give in loose motion.. My baby is 10month old having loose motion.. Plzz ans its urgent
Answer: You can give simple vegetable soups without any solids and just a pinch of salt can help your baby feel better and coconut water,sabudana khichdi,Rice,potato, pomegranate,idli,Dal are also helpful in loose motions.
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Question: can i give makhana kheer or siji kheer for my 7 months old baby.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes you definitely can give makhana kheer or sooji kheer too.bith re easy to digest and highly nutritious.
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