Few weeks old baby

My 1 week old baby passed yellow urine today . Does it mean jaundice

No it is not necessary. Does the baby or her eyes look yellow. If yes see a doctor.
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Question: I m 15 week 3 days pregnant today morning my first urine is very dary yellow in colour what does it mean
Answer: Hello dear If ur forst urine is very dark yellow in color then it means that ur body is having less water. So keep urself fully hydrated.
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Question: My albumin in urine is +1 what does it mean?? is it harmful to baby??
Answer: Hi.. it may be a warning sign of pregnancy induced hypertension Monitor ur BP regularly
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Question: Albumin in urine is 1+ what does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear It is a protein which is present in blood.A healthy kidney doesn't let albumin pass from the blood into the urine.albumin 1+ mean that protein are leaking in the urine. It is urine infection.Take plenty of water or coconut water
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