1 months old baby

Question: My 1 month old baby is still not able to latch properly, plus my milk production is also on the lower side. Therefore I have to give him top feed. What should I do so that he latches properly.

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Answer: U need more patients untill he latches properly,try to make him to latch as much as possible,,don't get depressed or lose hope , depression is also one of the cause for reducing breast milk, It happens with some babies too,, it's quite normal,,untill he latches properly, try to use breast pump and feed him,,the more you pump or the more baby sucks , creates more milk.
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    shruti saboo629 days ago

    But he doesn't take the whole areola part inside the mouth. He just takes the nipple and keeps sucking. His mouth is too small to take the entire part. And even the grip is weaker. I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube but nothing is working!

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Answer: If the baby is habituated to breast milk then he won't accept any other so why don't you try to increase your milk production ask doc to give u tablets to increase milk Nd drink milk daily take best food in initial days I ate bread drank milk 2times a day Nd had tablets for 1week
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Answer: Oh ok. Sorry This time due to teething babies not ready to take bottle as it hurts their gums. Try with sipper pr spoon. May be will take.
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