6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mutton liver good during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear yes liver is very good source of protein and iron so having it will maintain your health as well as maintain your HB level.
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Question: Is mutton liver safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, during pregnancy is better not to consume animal body parts specially liver kidney and lungs. Chances of infection is there if it's undercooked. If you have any complications like vehicle registration of diabetes high BP then you should not eat red meat or mutton liver. It is a good source of iron can help to increase hemoglobin level. If your doctor suggest you to intake then you can. Take care.
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Question: Is it safe eating mutton liver during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have mutton. However, avoid eatting raw or undercooked meats while you're pregnant. Make sure that all meat is well cooked. This is because the risk of food poisoning is higher in pregnant women. Take care.
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Question: Mutton liver is good during 8 th month of pragnancy
Answer: Yes but properly cooked It's a best source of iron
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