23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe thyroid h tsh 7.58 m kya 2 kha sakti hoon fruits & vegetables. Aur pregnancy bhi 22 weeks koi btaye?

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Answer: Your tsh is way high. During pregnancy tsh should be below 2.0 Please consult a doctor soon and take medication to bring tsh in control. Diet wont help in getting levels low. Also everyone has different dietery requirements.
Answer: green vegetables zyda khao. yes fruits khaa skte ho only avoid chikoo papaya grapes .
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Question: Thyroid m kya kya kha sakte h aur kya nhi. Tsh 7.58. Aur 22 weeks pregnancy bhi h plz btaye??
Answer: Thyroid can cause several serious effects like hair fall, skin problems, weight gain, irregular periods, mood swings. Thyroid during pregnancy affects both baby and the mother. try these effective home remedies to cure thyroid . Take two spoons of pure coconut oil and mix it with a glass of milk. Drink it before bed time every night. Vitamin A is very useful to treating thyroid . Add vitamin A rich eggs and carrots in regular diet as it naturally helps for normal thyroid glands functioning. Take more natural and herbal foods for thyroid problem. Taking ginger tea is one of the best home remedies to cure thyroid. B complex vitamins are effective. Eat more whole grains like barley, wheat, cereals, green vegetables, eggs to cure thyroid . Enjoy sprouts, carrots, cucumber sprinkled with herb toppings. Have a cup of salads every mid-noon to stimulate thyroid hormones.
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Question: He'llo my 6 month running & thyroid tsh 7.58 kya m dry fruits soaked le sakti hoon?
Answer: han aap sab kha sakte bs soya products, broclli, rice, couliflaour, tea yeh sab mat lo aur thyroid ki medicine lo jo apko doc ne prescribe ki hogi...m also suffering from thyroid nd now my thyroid is under control...
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Question: Mera kl 7month start hua h. Aur mera thyroid tsh 7 h. Pregnancy ki wajah Se badh gya h. Kya m glucose d orange flavor pee sakti hoon aur bnana kha sakti hoon?
Answer: Thyroid during pregnancy is quite common. Mothers who are affected by thyroid during pregnancy can easily pass it on to their unborn baby. If left untreated, the disease can easily turn into something more serious. the level is very high start the treatment immediately because it can cause abortion or baby can effect ... Regarding diet you should take more green vegetables and fruits.yes you can drink glucoseand eat banana and through proper medicine it will be cured and you will have safe pregnancy... Best of luck..
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Question: Thyroid mein soyabin kha sakti hoon Kya? Kya Kya vegetables khana nhi chahiye?
Answer: Hi.nahi dear thyroid me soyabeans mana karte hain doctor. Ab green vegitables khao, bas thnade ftuits or curd avoid kariye.
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