23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mujhe raat mei neend nhi aati bilkul b koi problem to nhi h

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Answer: it is normal..Take your time at dinner. Don't wolf your food down, and keep the pace leisurely so that heartburn doesn't keep you tossing and turning. And try not to eat dinner too close to bedtime (a full tummy can make you too energized — or too uncomfortable to sleep).Avoid caffeine and chocolate. Especially in the late afternoon or evening, since they can keep you awake. A light snack will tide you over until breakfast, but choose it wisely — a whole-grain muffin and a glass of milk (warm it if you like; it could help you get to sleep), or a cheese stick and a few dried apricots.Drink earlier. Fill your daily requirement of fluids during the early evening to cut down on bathroom runs after you've hit the hay.Work it out. Get some daily pregnancy exercise, but not too close to bedtime (a post-workout buzz can keep you awake).Make a bedtime routine. Try to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day. Every night, read a book, listen to soothing music, or watch TV until drowsiness sets in.Soothe yourself. Try lulling yourself into a sleepy state with a warm bath and a cup of warm milk, or solicit your partner for a relaxingprenatal massage.Get comfy. If you're uncomfortable, you won't sleep. Is your bedroom too cold? Is it a sauna? Check the temperature, and make sure you're using a mattress and pillows that provide solid support without feeling like bricks. A body pillow can help you get comfortable, and help you get the sleep you need. Open a window to keep the room from getting stuffy — you're sure to heat up during the night. If you're not sleeping, get up. If you’re not asleep after 20 to 30 minutes of trying, conquer a small task that needs to be done (think bill paying for 15 minutes, not scrubbing the toilet) — and then try to go to sleep again. You may just be tired enough by that point to get the rest you need.Don't count the hours. Though most people do best on eight hours of sleep, some do fine on less and some need more. So instead of aiming for a particular number of sleep hours — ask yourself how you're feeling on the hours you're sleeping during pregnancy. If you're not chronically tired, you may be getting enough rest.
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Answer: Haa dear Aisa hota hai pregnancy mai. Is time mai aapko har 2-3 hr mai kuch na kuch lena hota hai. Is time aap ek baar mai zyada nahi khaya . Thande chees khaye jaise ice creams dahi lassi juice shake nimbu paani . Inse acidity kamm hoga. Antacid lena chhaiye. Khane ke baad walk kiya kijiye . Bache ke bada hua vajan bladder par pressure daalta hia jisse baar baar urine aata hai. Walk kijie active raha kijiye . Raat mai zyada pani nahi piya kijiyez
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Answer: Dear it is normal. Use 2 to pillows 1 under the legs. And listen soft music read books take massage
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Answer: It will happen from now. I am suffering from the same
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