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Question: Mujhe PCOD problem hai.......nd we are planning for a baby....please guide me what to do as since 1yr year we are planning for a baby but no positive result.My gynaecologist prescribed me APCOD,All9,letroz

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Answer: I have pcod also bt pregnancy ane me mujhe koi problem nhi hua tha.period stop hone k bad uska 10th-18th me relation rakhne se baby ane ka chances zyada hota try on those days
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Question: We are planning for a baby last 1 year but since i cant getting pregnant..
Answer: Do not loose hope.. keep trying... meanwhile consult a gynec..doc will do ultrasound & advice u if there is any problem like PCOD or blockage in fallopian tube. Good Luck .. Tkcr☺
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Question: Hello doctor, I am pcod patient. We are planning for baby. Please give me any advice for pcod.
Answer: First u have to concern your doctor for pcod.. There is some medicine course for this... Start doing yoga it will help you to face this..
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Question: We are planning for baby since February but i could not concive.please guide me
Answer: Hi dear usually it takes about 6 to 7 months of trial to conceive a baby normally and naturally if it has been since February you still have ample of time to keep trying and definitely it will happen now since you are trying there are few things that you need to be clear about first of all is your age if your age is less than 35 then it has ample chance and high chance of getting pregnant normally and you would not need any kind of treatment second is your period cycle if your period cycle is regular then also it is very good for you because the ovulation is happening on time so you can try on your fertile days to be on a safe page you can start trying from the 9th day till 18th day and you can try about every alternate day during your fertile cycle your health is also very important not only you your partner's health is also important so you both need to have nutritious and healthy diet you need to avoid all kind of sweets fried oily and junk food alcohol smoke etc. and above all please live a stress free and normal life enjoy your conjugal life with each other and do not always worry about the baby the baby will definitely happen since you both are trying .. All the best!
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