36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe pain ho raha hai lower abdomen upper vagina m sharp pain hota hain ek dum smjh nhi arha hai

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Answer: agar pain continues raheta hai to dr se consult karo.. agar hoke bandh ho jata hai to yeh normal hai dear.. mujhe bhi hota hai...
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    radha kanyal1015 days ago

    Hota hai phir band hojata hai phir hota hai

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Question: Mere lower abdomen main pain ho raha hain?
Answer: Don't worry! It is from normal changes due to development of baby. These are due to sensations of pulling the uterus on both the sides. The expansion that is stretching of muscles and ligaments will tend the lower abdomen and also back pain. So be strong and be happy enjoy the moment:-) Here you can do some remedies and do self care like: 1. Change the positions don't sit or stand for a long time. Even sleeping postures can be changed. 2. Have a warm bath which helps in reducing pain and relaxing. 3. Do some exercises *olny relaxing kind of exercises or suggested by the doctor/experts. 4. Have fluid kind of food stuffs mainly tender coconut, fresh fruit juices etc. 5. Keep some warm water or warm pack on the stomach, you feel relaxed. 6. Try do divert your mind stay positive, be happy and experience your new life.
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Question: Mera tummy baar ek dum tight ho raha hai..or lower back pain b hai..
Answer: Hello dear, I think ye labour symptoms type h. Aap due date se phle kai bar feel kar sakti h. But ye false pain hote h kyouki kuch time hone ke bad band ho jate h. Nd original labour pain start hone ke bad continue rhte h. To agar aapko lgta h. Pain continue ho rha h, aur badhta hi ja rha h to ye labour pain ho sakta h. Situation jo v ho aap all time ready rahiye, kabhi v hospital jana pr sakta h. Hope it helped Take care urself....
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Question: Pain in my lower abdomen (upper vagina)
Answer: Hi,this is groin pain which happens when the uterus is expanding and the muscles are getting stretched,it causes this pain. You should not bend Not lift anything heavy. Tour should lie down with the legs elevated.this should help. You can also do hot water bag compression. Walk slowly.
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