12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe Mouth ulcers ho gya hai. How to get rid from this

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Answer: Ye usually constipation se ho jata h , so better you take dahi ,chach, in good quantity ..
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Question: Having heavy mouth ulcers ,how to get rid of them,it is painfull too,
Answer: Hi dear, Most of such ulcers happen due to extreme body heat.keep your body cool by drinking plenty of water.buttermilk is also quite good and act as a natural colent.apply glycerin on the ulcers to sooth it.sometimes vitamin b deficiency could also cause such ulcers in mouth.check with doctor before taking the suppliment.
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Question: When i will get rid from this bad mouth taste?
Answer: Hi dear, The Pregnancy hormones to some ladies would trigger bacteria rise in mouth which is responsible for bad breath.rinse mouth with warm salt water regularly.you can also use mouthwash to keep yourself fresh.brush twice a day.
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Question: How to get rid of mouth bitterness
Answer: Hello dear To get rid of mouth bitterness : 1. Eat or drink citrus fruit or juice 2. Use a saltwater rinse for gargling 3. Eat pickles 4. Clean ur tongue after eating 5. Drink plenty of fluids 6. Chew on sugar-free gum to help increase saliva production
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Question: Dry cough how to get rid from this???
Answer: Dear to get relief from dry cough ,before sleeping massage your neck and chest with mild warm desi ghee that will help to soothe the dryness ...also drink lots and lots of warm fluid like soups and hot water and also make a paste of honey ginger and black pepper and take that throughout the day that will also help you get relief from the cough..
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