38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe 9 month chl rha h nyt se pet me drd h kse pta chlega labour pain h ya nhi

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Answer: Hi dear. Baby drops and baby now rests lower in your pelvis.2 cervix start to dilate.3 cramps and back pain . 4 vaginal discharge. 5 as you get close to labor, you may pass your mucus plug it's the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed off your cervical canal for the last nine months. The mucus may be tinged with brown, pink, or red blood, which is why it's called "bloody show."6 tiredness 7 water breaks.8 strong contractions you have to be carefully if you notice any of these symptoms. Hope this helps n all the best
Answer: Hi dear. Its a pain lyk u get at d tym of period..n d pain coms in between a proper tym interval lyk half an hour n d tym gets less lyk aftr evry 15 mnt lain wl com...den aftr evry 10 mnt..so on...pain coms in a circular mode...frm bak to front n front to bak....
Answer: Hello dear Labor pain may feel like rhythmic cramping, intense pain in the low back, or even warm shooting sensations down the legs. Some women feel contractions over their whole stomach area, while others feel them very low, where the cervix is opening
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Question: Baby drop konse week me hota h or kse pta chlega ki baby drop hua h ya nhi
Answer: You can breathe easier. When a baby drops, they physically drop into your pelvis. ... You might feel a lot more pressure. Once your baby drops, you might notice a lot of increased pressure in your pelvis. ... You notice increased discharge. ... You take more frequent trips to the bathroom. ... You have pelvic pain. Baby dropping might happen closer to labor for women who have had babies before. This is because their body has been through labor before, so their pelvis may need less time to adjust to the process. Women who are pregnant for the first time may find that baby dropping occurs some days or weeks before labor. This may be because their pelvic muscles need to adjust to the birthing position before labor can begin. Hope this is helpful
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Question: Mujhe 7 month chl rha h..or mujhe kbhi kbhi pet me drd hota h
Answer: Hello Ye normal hai. Aap ka anxious hona bhi normal hai. The pain u experiencing is due to aap ke uterus. Jaise aap ka baby big hota hai vaise pressure on back abdomen aur vaginal muscle tho aap ko back pait vagina aur leg mai pain ho sakta hai. Aap ka stomach bhi tight hota hai. Baar baar wash room jana due to the pressure. Aap soote wakth pillow back mai de aur cold ya hot press use kare. Warm shower bhi pain kam karne mai madad hogi gentle massages to help u feel relaxed with coconut or olive oil. Hope I helped
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Question: Mujhe pta kaisa chlega ki mere baby ka pet bhar gya h beardfeeding se
Answer: Usually when you breast feed, baby tend to sleep and leave nipple. Try to burp your baby and again latch on to other nipple. Once the baby releases your second nipple and the baby looks more relaxed, this means the baby is full and content. Remember baby should be fed from both breasts at a time and they need or take resting period between feeding. Burping inbetween is necessary.
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