18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe 4 month complaint hue hai..lekin baby koi moment nahi ho rai

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Answer: Hie Don't worry wait around You can feel your baby's movements anytime between 14 to 25 weeks If you are a first time mom probably post 20 weeks As you are in your week 18 and all reports are fine rest assured you would surely feel the kick and the punch by a week or two at the max
Answer: 5th months ke ending week me u will start to feel baby's kick .
Answer: Ok thnx mam
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Question: mujhe fifth month Chal raha hai par Koi moment feel nahi hoti
Answer: Hello ma'am Congratulation for ur pregnancy, Baby movement normally 19- 24 week me start hota hai or agar ye aapka first pregnancy hai to aap thoda late bhi feel Kar sakti hain, aapko baby movement bubbles , hiccups jaisa feel ho sakta hai Jo ki generally log identify nahii Kar pate hain ki baby movement start ho chuka Gai . To agar aapko kabhi bhi bubble and hiccups jaisa feel ho to aapko samajh lena chahiye ki ye aapka baby movement hai . Thanku
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Question: Mera 7th mnth aaj strt hua h bt subh se mujhe koi moment feel nai ho rai... Plz gve suggeston
Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements can vary person to person.usually post 25th week baby movements can be felt.though if the placenta is anterior,you could feel much less,as it comes in between baby and stomach.babies starts setting patterns now.some baby is active during night while some are active during day.not to worry though.any diviation for 3-4 days should be reported.
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Question: mujhe 6 month lga hua hai lekin baby ki moment kam hoti hai
Answer: If you feel the baby isn’t moving as much as you’d like, there are things you can do to stimulate movement. Babies respond to the food going into your body. Try a healthy snack with a glass of orange juice or another natural juice. The boost in your blood sugar could result in a few baby kicks. eat chhena my doctor suggest me for chhena. Talk to your baby sometime mother's soothing sound love by baby ana will increase movements.  baby and mother conversation is very important.  Play a song, just not too loud, and see if the baby responds.  sometimes changing position help a lot to baby movement. Try to change position gently time to time.
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