6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe kya khana chahiye or kya nhi mera abhi 2 month start hua hai?

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Answer: Hi dear, congratulations for you pregnancy first I will mention and the food you should avoid during pregnancy. Junk food, process food ,uncooked food, caffeine carbonated fizzy drinks, sweets and in fruits in pineapple papaya and grapes. You should delete all the leafy green vegetables and other colour vegetables, at least two types of fruits( one seasonal and one citrus), all the dairy products like milk yoghurt paneer cheese etc, everyday you should eat a handful of nuts (if you are not allergic), and last but not the least proteins beans egg Fish chicken. With this you should eat fortified cereals whole grains to supply Carbohydrate and fibre. With this you need to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Hope this will help you.
Answer: Hello, congratulations for your Pregnancy.aapko milk Lena.chahiye kuouki voh calcium rich food hain.aapko Moll production lene chahiye.grren veges and fruits khane chahiye.aapko papaya and pineapple nahi Khanna chahiye.aapko protein rich food like pulses.anf eggs and chicken Khanna chahiye.aapko low Mercury fish Khanna chahiye.aapko spicy and oily food khana chahiye.aapmo jyada pani peena chahiye.aapko cerials and nuts and ghee Khanna chahiye.isse aaplo ache see nutrition milegay.aapko Dr ki salah see prenatal supplement lene chahiye
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Question: Mera early pregnancy hai mujhe kya khana chahiye or kya nhi khana chahiye. Plz btaye.
Answer: Include foods such as whole milk or skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer) include pulses, dals, cereals, nuts and whole grains in your everyday diet to make up for your body’s requirement of protein. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet as it will help you gain your body’s required amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Drink as much water and liquids as you can through the day. You can simply have clean and filtered water throughout the day, or sip on infused water with fresh fruits you should avoid fish containing mercury,smoked seafood,raw shell fish,raw and undercooked eggs,raw meat and polutary,unpasturiezed milk,soft cheese,unwashed fruits and vegetables raw sprouts,foods that cause allergy(Soy, wheat, cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, more), fish, and shellfish should only be consumed if you are not allergic to them).excess caffeine,sugar rich foods,fatty foods,papaya and pineapple during pregnancy.
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Question: 3rd month start hua h mujhe kya khana or kya nhi khana chahiye
Answer: Protein, minerals, vitamins, fats aur carbohydrate balanced amount mein hone chahiye. Is ke liye daal, sabji, fruits, nuts ka mishrit aahar le. Ek hi bhaari bhojan ke badle chote hisse mein din mein 3 to 5 times khaana khaaye to behtar hoga. Saath mein paani bhi 2 to 3 litres peejiye. Dahi aur doodh bhi ho sake itna khaaye taaki calcium aur protein full amount mein mile. High protein diet khaaye. Non-vegetarian ho to fish, chicken aur eggs ka sevan har roj kare. Vegetarian ho to doodh, dahi, dal aur nuts ka sevan kare. Garbhvati stri ko roj 70 to 100 grams protein ki avashyakta hoti hai. Fats bhi healthy matra mein honi chahiye kyonki janam lene wale bachche ke brain development ke liye fat jaroori hai. Ghee, butter or nuts mein se fats milenge. Roj 1500 mg calcium chahiye ek garbhvati stri ko, jo doodh, dahi, palak aur anya sabji mein se milta hai. Vitamin B group ke sabhi vitamin avashyak hai jo daal, sabji, dahi, fruits ke khaane se milenge. Agar roj ka ek anda khaaye to yeh uttam hai. In aahar mein se vitamin C aur A bhi mil jayenge. Parhej Aakhri teen mahino mein angur aur pineapple ka sevan nahin karna chahiye kyonki is se bleeding hone ki sambhavna hai. Jyada lambe samay tak baithe nahin rehna chahiye. Ya to let jaaye ya to phir uth kar thodasa chalna chahhiya. Tight kapde na pehne. High heel chappal ya shoes no pehne. Bhari cheez na uthaye Mansik tanav mein na rahe—thodasa yogasan karna achcha hai. Jyaada tikha, namkeen aur khatta cheez na khaaye Nausea Savere kadhi patte nimbu ke ras ke saath lene se ulti hone ki sambhavna kam rahegi. Agar aisa lagta hai ki ulti hoga, to ginger oil se rumal bhigo de aur ise sunghe. Ginger oil na ho to adrak paste, nimbu ras aur lemin juice dala hua black tea, shahad ke saath piye. Kele ke saath dalchini powder aur shakkar milake khaaye. Saunf chabaye.
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Question: Mera abhi 2 month chal raha hai or maine test krwaya to mujhe pta lga ki mujhe thyriod hai . Mujhe thyroid me kya khana chahiye or kya nhi khana chahiye plz tell me?
Answer: Consult your doctor she will prescribe thyroid tablet. You have to take that in empty stomach in the morning. Reduce coffeine also reduce the intake of cabbage brocolli and cauliflower.
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