7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe Kl se Kuch digest ni ho rha br br vomit hoti hai. Kya krun

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Answer: It happens in 1st trimester. Take a small meal instead of taking full meal at a time. Take more liquid and fruits.
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Question: Kl se mujhe kuch bhi digest nhi ho rha i think because of congestion in chest what m do now mujhe vomit aayi jari h kl se
Answer: Hi,aap congestion me liye home remedies try kar saktey Hain. Aap anwain no roast karke use clean cloth main bandhkar uski potli banaiye and usse saik kijiye. Aap steamalation Lijiye din main 2-3 baar Aap ginger honey paste one teaspoon twice a day ljiye Aap liquids jyada pijiye. Isse aapko help hoga And har do ghantey kuch thoda sa khane ki try kijiye
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Question: Muje raat se lagatar vomit aa rhi h kuch nhi digest ho rha muje kya krna chahiye
Answer: U can take medicine for that.. mujhe zofer md se frk pda..u can also take that or consult ur doctor to give u some medicine
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Question: Yr mujhe heartburn ho rha, khana digest ni ho rha,mera 34 week chl rha hai
Answer: Eat smaller meals throughout the dayTry to make your main meal at lunchtime – this takes pressure of the digestive tract later in the day when the body is tired or ready for bedTry to avoid eating a couple hours before bed or a napStay sitting upright after eating, lying down can push stomach contents back upWhen sleeping, prop head with a couple of pillows, this positioning may help.Stay hydrated – sip water and liquids throughout the day and between meals, rather in larger quantitiesTry naturally sweetened gum after a meal – chewing stimulates your salivary glands, naturally neutralizing acidsAlkalizing foods that actually soothe or help prevent heartburn (link Acid/Alkaline How to stay in Balance or Intro to Alkaline/Acid Balance)):AlmondsAvocadosMost vegetable, particularly your greens (link Top 9 Leafy Greens)Green drinks or smoothies are a great way to get the greens in for relief, nutrition, and hydration!Herbal teas, such as peppermint, chamomile, and lemon teaGarlic – a clove of garlic a day keeps heartburn away! Or at least some say so. If you choose garlic capsules make sure they are rich in allicin to be effective with heartburn. As always, before taking supplements, check with your midwife to make sure they are right for you. By adding in as many of the alkalizing foods and lifestyle suggestions in your daily routine, will help balance the hormonal side effects. Also consider avoiding the more aggravating food and behavior culprits.
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