6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mujhe subh ke naste mai kya khana chaiye .

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Answer: Have some dry fruits like almonds, walnut, dates. You can have an apple. You can also have Dalia, idli, poha, or whatever you feel to eat. Try to eat at even intervals throughout the day. Drink ample of water. Have more fruits. Stay active.
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Question: Mere baby ke liye mujhe Kya Khana chaiye pregnancy me
Answer: Here are highly nutritious foods to eat when you're pregnant. Dairy products. During pregnancy, you need to consume extra protein and calcium to meet the needs of the growing fetus (7, 8). ...Legumes. ...Sweet potatoes. ...Salmon. ...Eggs. ...Broccoli and dark, leafy greens. ...Lean meat. ...Fish liver oil.
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Question: mujhe pregnant hone ke liye kya karni chahiye or khana chaiye or kya nhi khana chahiye
Answer:  Eat Foods That Are Rich in Antioxidants. ...Eat a Bigger Breakfast. ...Avoid Trans Fats. ...Cut Down on Carbs. ...Eat Less Refined Carbs. ...Eat More Fiber. ...Swap Protein Sources. ...Choose High-Fat Diary.
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Question: Mujhe kis tarah ke khana khana chaiye is Waqt
Answer: Eat whatever you like but do include lots of musk melons, apples n oranges.
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Question: normal delivery ke liye 9th maonth mai kya kya khana chaiye.??
Answer: 10 Simple Pregnancy Tips to Help You Have a Normal Delivery Most of the pregnant women wish to have a natural childbirth. According to a study, for 85 percent of pregnant women, a non-medicated natural birth is very much achievable. The other 15 percent certainly have some kind of complications due to which they need external medical interventions such as C-section. However, one out of every three pregnant women is going through C-section. Women going through preventable C-sections do so, mostly because of fear of labor pain and unnecessary anxiety. Having a natural childbirth is very natural that most women are capable of. However, certain medical conditions make it unavoidable for having a childbirth without any interventions. A normal childbirth makes it easier for a healthy post-delivery recovery of the mother.  Here are 10 simple pregnancy tips that can help you have a normal delivery: 1. Take childbirth education classes Research has shown that people who have undergone prenatal childbirth education classes tend to have 50 percent more chances of having a normal delivery without C-section as opposed to women who have not taken any such classes. 2. Avoid hospital beds It’s usual that women sometimes feel that they are going into labor but after reaching the hospital, it is realized that it was a false alarm. In such cases, avoid staying in the hospital unnecessarily. Return back home, unless recommended by your health provider to stay. 3. Convey your desire of having a normal birth Let everyone around you including your family and health provider that you prefer a normal childbirth. 4. Choose a health provider who is into normal childbirth You and your healthcare provider must be on the same page regarding normal childbirth. 5. Keep a healthy diet Proper diet is not only important for your body but also for a healthy growth and development of the unborn child. Also, it is important to gain a lot of strength for childbirth. A stronger body can face the challenges of labor more smoothly. Eat a lot of green vegetables as it is a rich source of iron and folate acid, that is very important for preventing post-delivery anemia. 6. Exercise regularly Not only does exercising built up a good stamina but it is also important to help you bear the labor pain. Kegel exercises can particularly be very helpful. It helps strengthen the pelvic region and make the thighs stronger. 7. Let the baby choose the due date Due dates pinpointed by technicians with the help of ultrasound can be off by a week or even more. With all the best technology, an induced labor is still an estimate done by a technician. So just go natural and let the baby choose its birthday. 8. Avoid childbirth horror stories Stay away from people who are keen on sharing their negative childbirth experience. Listening to these negative stories can induce unnecessary fear in you.  9. Avoid ultrasound during the last month Ultrasound testing was done during the last month of pregnancy usually indicates macrosomia which may instill unnecessary fear in the minds of the doctor. 10. Sleep adequately Getting a good sleep is essential for healthy growth of the baby and also to keep your calm. All in all, do not stress yourself too much over the kind of delivery you are going to have. Just take good care of yourself and think positively.
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