25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mujhe do din se halka halka chakkar AA rha like jaise sir ghum rha h halka halka, what could be reason?

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Answer: Bp low ho jata hai kyi bar tb aisa hota hai... Aap liquid cheeje jada lo.. Limca nimbo pani etc.
Answer: Chakar pregnancy meh common Hai... Apko jyada chakar kab ata Hai Jaise utneke K turant baad
Answer: Ni sham ya night m
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Question: kaal raat se bht sir duk raha hai chakkar aarahe hai abhi bhi bht pain hai pura sir gol gol ghum raha hai kya karu fmly doc ko dhekhau kya aur do din se potty bhi nhi huwe hai
Answer: hello.. dear headache ke liye ye try kijiye.. 1. Applying heat or cold to the sides of the head, the eyes, or along the back of the neck is one of the best ways to reduce or relieve the pain associated with a headache. 2. Get a massage – massaging your shoulders and neck is an effective way to relieve painRest in a dark room and practice deep breathing 3. Take a warm shower or bath 4. Avoid : Chocolate, coffee, Alcoho,cheese, Peanuts, French beans, urad daal and other gassy foods. gol gol ghum arah ho tho ek baar apna bp check karwayiye aur potty ke liye ye try kijiye: 1: When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 2: Take a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil before each meal. The oil which help soften and lubricate the stool. 3: Until you clear your bowels limit your meals to fresh fruits such as apples and pears with skins , soups, salad vegetables like grated carrots with skins, nuts, seeds like sunflower and pumpkin and legumes such as black beans and chick peas and other easily digested protein such as eggs. Once your bowels have cleared you can go back to a more varied diet with meat etc. 4: Go for a long walk (or a repetitive walk close to the toilet). 5: Take a glass of warm water or herbal tea before bed. 6: Stew on the stove half a cup of dried fruits such as apricots or prunes with a cupful of water. Cook till the fruit is soft and then mash it and eat the whole thing including liquids in the morning before eating anything else. 7: Avoid caffeinated drinks. 8. Go to the toilet when you have the urge, don't put it off. 9: To ease the stool passing, rub some organic oil (e.g. virgin coconut oil) on your bottom area. 10. Drink lots of water throught the day. 11. Have rich fibre diet like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc .
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Question: My baby has vomited like elder ppl do. What could be d reason?
Answer: Hi dear, Baby spitting is common .but if the baby vomits large amount of milk,it could be due to either over feeding or not burping.baby needs to be burped no matter how small the feed could be.burping could take 5 minutes to 45 minutes.but be patient and burp the baby as baby could be in distress,as the air trapped in the gut is not able to come out due to which baby can't feed more.
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Question: mereko bht zyada chakkar aa rhi hai..... kal se to bht frequently aisa ho rha hai.. dr bola shayad garmi ki wajah se... bt mujhe kuch alag feel ho rha hai jaise ki kuch hua hai mujhe... chakkar means samne jo v hai puraa gol gol ghum rha hai... kiu Ho skta hai ye?? aur kya kr skti hu iske liye.. din bhar akeli rehti hu mai.. husband to ofc chale jate hai.. 7 month chal rha hai
Answer: Hi, keep the fan on, good air near you is good when you feel like fainting, hawa milna bahut zaroori hai. Eat well, zyaada gaps mat rakhna between 2 meals, keep some healthy snacks always with you like dry fruits. Also keep ORS or coconut water with you and drink it when you feel weak. And most importantly drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day and keep yourself hydrated.
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