5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mujhe diabetics hai..kya mai meethi kha sakti hu? mai 5week pregnant hu

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Answer: No dear it shud b avoided
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    Priya sadhu1161 days ago

    Insulin kya lyftym lena padhta hai?mujhe insulin lena hoga.i have i sugar 212

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Question: 7 week pregnant hu, kya mai lichi kha sakti hu
Answer: Hii Consuming a large quantity of the litchi may cause high sugar level in your blood. If the sugar level goes up, then it might result in diabetes during pregnancy. Eating litchis in large numbers can lead to Hemorrhage.Also, there is a danger of contracting infections.Eating too many litchis can also cause stillbirth.Litchi causes internal heat, which can lead to complications during pregnancy.So, no! It is not a good idea to eat too many Litchis during pregnancy. It can lead to nasty complications and side effects.
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Question: mujhe 7 month chalu hai kya mai mushroom ki sabji kha Sakti hu kya
Answer: Yes, it is absolutely safe to eat mushrooms during pregnancy. The only concern with mushroom is its place of origin. It is well known that mushroom is a spore-bearing fruit of a fungus found mostly on the soil or on its food source. Therefore it is not safe to eat raw mushrooms. Moreover, they are believed to be carcinogenic. Cooking or drying are known to neutralize the carcinogenic effects and therefore, safe.
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Question: Kya hai arhar ki daal kha sakti hu mai three month pregnant hu
Answer: Hi dear,yes you can eat toor daal but not in large quantity as it may cause indigestion. Arhar daal is good source of protein & fiber & you can it small portion in regular basis. You can also asked you doctor too in your next visit. Take care.
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