32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: muje hijkiya bhot aati hai

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Question: Muje bohot nind aati hai.
Answer: Hi dear, its ok if you are feeling drowsy n sleepy throughout the day. Internal changes occuring in your boby is the reason behind your tiredness. Dont worry dear.
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Question: Muje chik aati hai
Answer: Hello dear Agar aapko sneezing ati hai to aap ye remedies try kijiye: 1. Keep urself away from sneezing causing factors. 2. Improve ur immunity levels by taking vitamin c supplements 3. wash your face with water when sneezing. 4. Keep ur hands clean 5. Add a few drops of pure eucalyptus oil on your handkerchief and sniff it to clear the nasal passage while easing out the sneezing. 6. Apply a little petroleum jelly with clean hands inside the nasal passages. It will moisturize the dried passages, preventing sneezing.
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Question: Hello muje raat me nind nahi aati aur din me aati hai..ye normal hai kya??
Answer: Hi, yes nirmal haain. It haooens sue ro hirmonal changes. You can rey ro sleep at nihht You can listen to soft music or tead some books. It will help
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