8 months old baby

Question: Mucus in my babies stool. Is it normal ???

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Answer: Don't worry dear it is normal, babies have tendency to expel the mucus out if their body through stools.
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Question: Hello..doctor.. I have noticed a mucus presence in my baby stool. Is it normal ?
Answer: Hi dear, flatulence fight normal in babies specially in breast feeding babies. Mucus of mouth remaim undigested & passed through stool. It indicates probability of cough & cold. But in rare case it indicates infection. If it continues for more than 2 days then consult your doctor.
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Question: there is mucus in stool is it normal?
Answer: Hi Dear! Its completely normal it means baby had mucus due to cold or cough. Babies dont know how to take the cough out through mouth like adults and the outlet for them is either vomit or poop, so its completely normal for babies to hv mucusy poop. Good luck!
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Question: Hii my baby is 9 months old.Two days became mucus like in stool .why like that? Is it normal in babies
Answer: Yes this is common in babies. May be due to some seasonal change or dietary change
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