23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: movements are very less ....only 4 to 5 times a day.....is it normal

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Answer: In initial phase of pregnancy movements are less and it's ok... Need not be worried... It will gradually increase over time...
Answer: What is d position of ur placenta? Is it anterior? At ds stage it shudnt b tat less...consult ur doc nce
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    Upasana Sharma1165 days ago

    anterior placenta h

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    Swati Binani1165 days ago

    Then its okay...incase of anterior position movements are felt less...

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Question: Am 29 week pregnant... there is sudden decline in kicks... Baby movements are very less... it's just 4-5 times in a day... is it fine?
Answer: The average number of kicks falls between 15-20 per day, remembering this includes all movement.Every baby is different, and this includes their movements. Some babies literally sleep all day and move at night when you are asleep, whereas others seem to be moving all the time. Babies rest and sleep in the womb as much as 17 hours a day, usually for periods of around 40-50 minutes at a time. If you’ve been busy and on the move, you might not notice your baby’s wakeful movements. Most pregnant women will notice a peak in activity after meal times, after being active and during the evening.There are many causes for it to decrease. It may be that you’re a bit dehydrated or not eating enough yourself. It can even be caused by the mother being stressed. It can be something as benign as your baby’s sleep pattern changing. However, it could also be a the amniotic sac being ruptured, the placenta coming away from the womb wall or the cord not delivering enough oxygenated blood to the baby it also decreases in late pregnancy because there is not enough place for movement. It might increase just because you’ve had a lot of caffeine or sugar or it could be that the baby is in distress due to a cord accident (such as becoming wrapped round the baby’s neck) or the cord not taking enough oxygen to the baby. If you find change in movent for over 24-48 hours please contact a doctor.
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Question: I can feel very less movements. One or two times a day. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for two more weeks .baby movements gets regularised post 26 weeks.so please wait for few mor weeks.if you hav anterior placenta th n you could have tough time feeling the movements.as the placenta acts as cushion over the baby which dulls the movement by the baby.
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Question: Is it normal to feel very tille baby movements only 4 or 5 times in a day i feel worried...plz answer
Answer: Dont worry its normal some time you will not be able to see the movement for more than a day it will also happens in that time try to drink a hot cup of coffee or tea then see you will feel your baby movement incase you dont feel any movement better go to doctor
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