3 months old baby

Question: Mother's Horlicks is good while using bf

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Answer: Hello! Personally my doctor had completely advised me against it. It is said to be not good and asked me never to have it. So, better you can once consult the doctor. Take care
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    Afreen Sheikh860 days ago

    Thanks for your suggestion

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Question: Is mother's horlicks good?
Answer: Any type of artificial powders or foods are not on gurentee for their nutritional value so it is advisable to eat natural if possible
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Question: Is mother's horlicks good for during pregnancy?
Answer: Hii yes u can have it. It is food for the pregnant lady as it contains required vitamins amd minerals which is required by mom to be. But make sure to have healthy diet also like fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Question: is mother's horlicks good?
Answer: Hello! Mother’s Horley should be taken on recommendations of a doctor only. Many have negative feedback on it. Hence, don’t have without doctor's advice.
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