18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: More often scanning ll effect baby?? How many times we can make scanning?

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Answer: Hi,monitor won't affect your baby.dr will advice you right number of times the scanning required to be done
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Question: How many times we can do scanning and does it effect to baby?
Answer: Hello dear. It is perfectly fine and does not harm the baby. Ultrasound sends sound waves through your womb (uterus), which bounce off your baby's body . The echoes are turned into an image on a screen. This means they're fine for you and your baby. Take care.
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Question: How many days can we use baby feeding bottle.how many days often can we change.
Answer: Hie You should change it every 1-2 months It's best to not continue bottle feeding post 6-8 months of age
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Question: In 8month how many times scan will be need??if we did more scans.then which type of effect on baby??
Answer: Normally 1 scan in the eighth month... Doctor may suggest more scanning only if necessary... I
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Question: how many times can we bath baby
Answer: Maximum 2 times, that too according to weather.. If itz summer u can else 1 time is enough as ur baby is just 4 months, anyhow once u Ll start wit solids that time u need more tines to wash face handsnd once child started walking it means almost 3 to 4 times u need to change and sponge.
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