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Question: 5 months pregnency travelling is safe or not

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Air travel is safe for most pregnant women up to 36 weeks into their pregnancy. For some, the cut off date is 34 weeks, others require a doctor's note and most international flights allow women to travel up to their 35th week of pregnancy. If your pregnancy is maturing normally and you take the right care then train travelis quite a safe way to travel. If you do have pregnancy related complications like high blood pressure , diabetes, placental problems or a previous premature delivery, then it is advisable to check with your doctor before travelling. Hope this information was helpful.
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy! Generally travelling is allowed after 5th month. Mostly short travel of 4-6 hrs with comfortable seating like air or train travel will be fine. It's better you consult once to your doctor before travelling as your doctor advise is more important during this time. :-) wishing you a Happy and safe travel
Answer: You should avoid long journey, as greeks are not safe during pregency. If it is 1 or 2 hrs journey with smooth drive then its fine.. But seating should be comfort if not you may face backpain
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    Aqsa Khizer471 days ago

    Yes traveling is safe if you dont have any complications

Answer: Ya 2nd trimester is considered safe to travel but make sure you don't get jerks and not to travel continuously more than 3-4hours
Answer: yes travelling is safe if you dont have any complication in your pregnancy.
Answer: No it's not safe, just try to postpone
Answer: yes safe
Answer: s safe
Answer: Safe
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Question: is it safe air travelling during 3 months pregnency?
Answer: Travelling is only advisable in the 2nd trimester (4-6 months)... it is best to avoid otherwise... In case it is an emergency proper precautions has to be taken based on the mode of transport, place of travel and hours of journey. Air travels usually have their own guidelines regarding pregnant women. Mention about the time of pregnancy to your airlines provider. Some airlines provide insurance too. Care must be taken to how high (altitude) the plane is flying - do not fly high altitudes. Take short walks slowly and carefully. Drink sufficient amount of water.
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Question: travelling in 7week is safe or not?
Answer: As long as there are no identified complications or concerns with your pregnancy, it is generally safe to travel at all times during your pregnancy. The ideal time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester. In most cases, you are past the morning sickness of the first trimester and several weeks from the third stage of pregnancy when you are more easily fatigued. Well, the golden rule is that since every pregnancy is unique; consult your doctor before making this decision. Only the doctor alone knows how much at risk you and your baby are and what mode of travel during pregnancy will suit you the best.
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Question: is travelling is safe or not during 2 to 3 months .
Answer: Hi dear, A big No to travelling atleast till 5months.... Since your baby is still developing and skip travelling to avoid chances of risk...
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Question: Is travelling is safe during 9 weeks of pregnency,?
Answer: Traveling is safe without jerking. You shouldn't travel through auto, toto, bike, rickshaw etc. Train travel is safest. Car is also safe too some extent.
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