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Question: 8 months pregnant and very hard to sleep at night..feels too much pain in lower back,butts,lower abdomen and in inner thighs during sleep...after that it is very hard to sit and stand for some time...

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Answer: Your bone near vagina or round ligaments get stretched as the uterus enlarges, so people can feel a pulling sensation, usually around the hip bones and back. Applying heat to the sore areas can also help just be sure to keep things from getting too hot. Avoid overheat, especially when you are in early pregnancy. Getting warM bath showers may ease your discomfort. Also, ligament pain often changes depending on your position, so you might find it may help to stand if you're sitting, do the reverse, or move around in general.
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Question: Hi I'm 38 weeks pregnant,dr.check my vegina cervix is opened after that I have some continuous pain in my lower back & lower abdomen I can't able sit is this is a labour pain
Answer: Dear, it could be labor contractions.means when the muscle of your uterus tighten up like a first and then relax.contractions help push your baby out in active phase of labor.when you are in true labor, your contractions last about 30-70 seconds and come about 5-10 minutes a part.better to visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Hi am not getting inhalf sleep at night I don't know why.. And am facing heat in my body even after having cool my body feels very heat
Answer: Hot flush is not good. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily and also include fruit juices and leafy vegetables in your regular diet. avoid junk food fried food spicy food tea coffee completely and take bath twice in a day if you are comfortable with that. Hope it will help.
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Question: Hi yesterday dr.check my vegina cervix is opened after that I have pain in my lower abdomen & lower back pain I have continuous white discharge I can't able to sit or sleep what can I do
Answer: Your delivery is near dear you will face this types of pains mostly now just be relaxed...
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