12 months old baby

Question: 12 months old baby boy got fever ( temp: 104.6) 2days back and his temperature is normal now. But he is crying a lot during night and if at all sleeps for 30 minutes he is moving his both legs for some times and waking up crying. What does it mean? And i was thinking it might be because of leg pains due to fever. Am i correct. Any suggestions please i am worrying a lot about it. Should we take him to hospital again?

Answer: Hello! Yes, you are right. After fever the baby might have some uncomfortness. Check for one more night, if it continues the same way then talk to the doctor. Also try to comfort your baby when this happens and stay close to the baby at night. Take care
Answer: Thanks alot Sweety Roy..I am really thankful to you..I will do the same..
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