6 months old baby

Question: 5 months 18days baby struggling with gas. Please help with advice

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Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is havinv gas then Just try following tips : 1. Give ur baby proper Burp after every feed. Atleast 2 to 3 Burp should come. Ur baby will feel good 2. Don't lie ur baby on the bed immediately after feeding 3. Change ur baby diapers after every three hours 4. Apply hing on ur baby's tummy will give her relief
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Question: 5 months 18days
Answer: Hi dear, Please post your concern related your baby.we mothers are here to help your out.
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Question: my baby pooping 5-6 times a day please advice me she is 5 months
Answer: Hey, pooping 5-6 times in 24 hrs is very normal for babies. So don't worry. My pediatrician told babies can pass stool 11 times in a day which is very normal.
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Question: gas for one year baby.... please help
Answer:  Gripe water is a completely natural mixture of herbs, such as fennel and ginger, that are known to settle an upset stomach. you may be more comfortable trying it to see if it makes a difference in your baby's gas pains. Your baby's immature digestive system is affected by swallowed air, which becomes trapped in bubble form in your baby's belly. Massaging your baby's belly in a downward motion can also help relieve gas pain. Giving your baby time to burp after a feeding can help remove excess air through the mouth. one burping at the end of the meal should be sufficient to help your baby digest formula or breast milk more easily and without pain. Some of the best ways to get rid of gas pain in babies is to prevent them in the first place. Your feeding methods could be causing excess gas. Anytime your baby cries before or during a feeding, he's swallowing excess air which could cause pains later. Feed when your baby is calm. Babies can also become gassy if the enzymes from gassy foods are transferred through breast milk. Cut gas-inducing foods such as beans and cauliflower from your diet to see if it makes a difference in your baby's comfort after eating.
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