7 months old baby

Question: 8 months baby feeding schedule

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Answer: The baby should be eating at least 5 meals like us..three full meals..n 2 snacks..u can give khichdi..daliya..mashed aloo..curd. suji ki kheer..Dal soups..kayi babies mashed roti bhi kha let's hai..u can give fruits also
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Question: 7months baby feeding schedule
Answer: Hi dear, I am providing you the diet chart which i followed for my baby. It helped baby to be healthy as well. Monday Breast milk/formula milk Apple puree Nap time Vegetable soup Breast milk/formula milk Rice porridge Breast milk/formula milk before nap time Tuesday Carrot puree Any fruit puree cereal gruel Wednesday Rice porridge Sweet potato puree fruit puree Thursday Ragi porridge Mashed banana stewed apple Friday Stewed apple with cinnamon dal water suji kheer
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Question: Feeding schedule
Answer: Hi dear at this age of 2 months baby should breastfeeding after every 2 to 3 hours as breast milk k get digestion very fast. Also u should feed after baby pee or poop
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Question: Feeding schedule for baby
Answer: hi a 5 month old baby should feed in every three to four hour . we we will need at least 120 ml to 150 ml feed as per babies demand.
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