38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 9 month usg shows single cord around baby neck...m so worried...kese hoga ab

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Answer: First of all don't panic, it's common to have cord around baby's neck. If you want to wait till labour for baby to come out of cord loop on its own then you need to rest lot. And if at any time you feel breathless immediately contact your doctor as cord might be tightening around his neck. You can go for c sec for your baby's safety
Answer: Hello! Tension mat lein. This is common in many women and have delivered a healthy baby. You can even go for normal delivery. During the labor the doctor will continously monitor the baby and increase case of any complications will then do a csection. You can also discuss with your doctor about it.
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Question: In my sonography single cord is found around neck. Pls expain it. M very worried
Answer: Hi! Pls don't worry about single cord around the neck the chances are high that the baby will so be through it and normal delivery ei be possible but If the cords are more than 2 then it's better to get prepared for c section delivery. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hii m 33 weeks pregnant nd my ultrasound shows a single cord around baby neck nd m worried about it plz anybody tell about this
Answer: I too had it , it's totally normal as cord is slimy and big enough , if it's more dan one dan deres an issue. Do not worry....
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Question: At 34 weeks, single cord around neck. I'm so worried, what can i do...
Answer: Generally Cord around baby's neck is not a problem for foetus but sometimes create problems for the baby during normal delivery Babies get their oxygen through the cord, so if the umbilical cord became so compressed that it completely cut off the cord blood flow which usually happens when you get labour contractions and cause fetal distress To prevent this, doctor would suggest caesarian section instead of normal delivery
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