10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 3 month running h aur kbhi kbhi mjhe pet me bht drd HOTA h...na let pati Hu na baith pati Hu...koi serious problem to nhi h???

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Answer: Hello , thoda pain normal hain ,par apko jyada ho raha hain ,toh ek baar doctor se consult karna jaruri hain .
Answer: Ask ur doc
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Question: mai 7th month pragnent hu mjhe leg mai bht drd hota or raat mai thik se soo v nahi pati
Answer: Hi, Mussels stretching is the main reason for leg cramps and another body pain. Foot thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy is common and usually goes away after delivery. In the meantime, it might help to.. Stay off your feet. Avoid standing for long periods. When you can, sit with your feet up and occasionally rotate your feet at the ankles and gently flex your feet to stretch your calf muscles. Sleep on your left side. This takes pressure off the large vein that returns blood from the lower half of your body to your heart. Be physically active every day. Take walks, ride a stationary bike, Stand or walk in the pool. Some research suggests that foot massage and reflexology, which involves applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, hands and ears, might help decrease foot , thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy. Also, swelling doesn't mean cutting back on how much you drink. The Institute of Medicine recommends about 10 cups (2.4 liters) of fluids a day during pregnancy. Although mild foot thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy is normal, sudden pain that is painful — especially if it's in one leg only — could be an indication of a blood clot.
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Question: Mujhe 7 month chl rha h..or mujhe kbhi kbhi pet me drd hota h
Answer: Hello Ye normal hai. Aap ka anxious hona bhi normal hai. The pain u experiencing is due to aap ke uterus. Jaise aap ka baby big hota hai vaise pressure on back abdomen aur vaginal muscle tho aap ko back pait vagina aur leg mai pain ho sakta hai. Aap ka stomach bhi tight hota hai. Baar baar wash room jana due to the pressure. Aap soote wakth pillow back mai de aur cold ya hot press use kare. Warm shower bhi pain kam karne mai madad hogi gentle massages to help u feel relaxed with coconut or olive oil. Hope I helped
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Question: Hii koi plzzz mjhe btayga ki ab mjhe 5 month lggya hai to pet mai thoda bharipan lgrha h baith kr ya uthkr bhi ye normal h Kya halka 2 pain hota h kbhi kbhi
Answer: Hello dear, dont panic. Ye mainly isliye ho rha hai kyuki aapka uterus jaise badh rha hai wo aapke stomach pr pressure daal rha hai jisse aapka stomach stretch krna shuru kr deta hai. Jab baby grow krne lagta hai second trimester me to water level bhi increase hone lagta hai jiski wajah se aapka pet tight ho rha hai.
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