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Question: 7 month pregnancy can I eat dried figs? How much take dried figs a day

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Answer: Hello dear... yes,you can take 2-3 daily,Figs are rich source of iron,to add in your pregnancy diet,it helps in blood formation and prevent Anemia,it also has dietary fibre,which helps in boosting digestive system and relives constipation,it is best snack option to reduce your carving in pregnancy
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Question: Can I have dried figs ? And how much
Answer: Hello dear, figs will help you deal with morning sickness during early stages of your pregnancy...Fig is rich in omega-3 and folate, which are crucial for brain development..it provide adequate iron content to the body, thus preventing fatigue and anaemia...it also is rich in dietary fibre, which helps to regulate your bowel movement and prevent constipation.... However figs when eaten in a moderate quantity can help control the blood pressure... But it has an opposite effect if consumed too much ad it can cause lowering of blood glucose levels... So consume figs in moderate quantity...
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Question: Can I eat dried figs in pregnancy ...is it safe?
Answer: Saffron n milk, pomegranate, oranges n also try to avoid spicy n oily food
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Question: Can i eat dried figs ( anjeer)?
Answer: Hello dear... Anjeer or figs,are rich in iron ,and good to have during pregnancy,it helps in the formation of blood cells,and prevents from Anemia,it has dietary fibre,which helps in digestion and also control constipation,it is also an healthy snack option to control your carving in pregnancy
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Question: can we eat dried figs or dates during entire pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear, Yes ,you can have dry figs,they are rich in healthy fats and folate.vwry good in pregnancy.dates are also safe unless you have any sugar issues as dates have high sugar content.
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