31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 30th month pregnancy before food sugar is 95 this is problem to mother or baby

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Answer: No.its normal
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Question: In pregnancy at 8month sugar level is before food 85 after food 199. If this value need insulin.
Answer: you are on a prediabetic stage this is early diabetes after food your sugar is high, i will advise to eat low g i foods and reduce the quantity of plain roti instead eat daliya, makki ki roti bajre ki roti and multigrain atta now, consult your gynae once as intial plan will be made now and one hb1ac test will be done to identify sugar level over past 3 months.
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Question: My blood sugar is before meals 95... after meals one hour 135... is it normal ?? Or over sugar ?
Answer: Hi dear, Your sugar levels are in normal range.but still maintain a sugar free diet .take whole grains,and fibre rich diet.maintain the sugar levels throughout the pregnancy.
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Question: before food sugar 105 and after food sugar 135 is it normal or problem ?
Answer: Is it normal for now.. But keep a track of ur sugar regularly and follow ur doctor's instructions thoroughly as the sugar levels may vary as u progress with ur pregnancy
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